Computerized Table Tutor.  Educational diving software for learning or reviewing the dive tables.  Features the 9 most popular dive tables in both metric and imperial formats.

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This page is dedicated to scuba diving and dive tables. Please take a few moments to browse through and check out the 9 most popular dive table formats, or read up on basic table theory - explained for a new diver, not a rocket scientist!

Maybe your a new Padi scuba student, or an experienced Naui diver, knowing how to use the Dive Tables is an integral part of diving. Research has shown, however, it is one of the hardest concepts for the student to grasp, and is quickly forgotten without occasional practice.

From the following pages, you can down load the Computerized Table Tutor which is an easy to use, Windows based software package to aid divers in mastering the Dive Tables. Using the Table Tutor, you can practice table questions for the 9 most popular dive tables in both metric and imperial formats. Each table format has over 1 Million dive table questions - from easy single dive table profiles through complex multiple dive and missing surface interval questions.

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